offline & realtime

Specialists in photoreal
virtual media

We are a cgi studio specialising in photorealistic 3D visualisation for digital & traditional media.

We produce beautiful content for multiple platforms across a range of industries including automotive, fashion, architecture & luxury goods.

We have worked with numerous brands that include Bentley, Jaguar Land Rover, Audi and many more.

We also specialise in product configurators for web, showroom and mobile devices


Offline Configuration

Our workflow involves CAD data preparation in DeltaGen, PLMXML configuration, Modeling & Look Development using Maya & Arnold, In-house Python based application for web layer production


Realtime Configuration

We use Unity & Unreal Engine to produce realtime product confgurators delivered to mobile and also for showroom experiences using pixel streaming from the cloud.

Data Preparation

We optimse and sort heavy CAD data and turn this into manageable data for CGI production.

3D Modelling

We provide 3D modelling services that includes soft trim, stitching and virtual environments.

Imagery & Animation

We produce high quality imagery and animation for web configurators, brochures and other digital media.


This is our speciality and we have created custom tools in order to deliver complex car configurators.

Our Experience...
We have a wealth of experience working directly with the Design, Engineering & Marketing departments of large OEM’s.

We are proficient in all major software tools including Maya, DeltaGen, VRED, Unity & Unreal Engine.

We have the facilities to handle large CAD data sets and a renderfarm for all high capacity offline production.


We listen to
the clients needs.

At the start of every project we listen in order to understand our clients’ products, needs and expectations..


We work together and
plan the best approach.

We provide a solution to fit our clients needs. We create an efficient work-flow to deliver a bespoke and cost-effective result.


We deliver to you
a bespoke solution.

We strive to deliver a project on time that exceeds our clients expectations.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

We have worked on several mixed reality projects for showrooms and events showing off the virtual product up to 6 months before the physical versions is available.

Coding in Python, XML, C# & C++

We have created many bespoke applications which require sophisticated programming for offline layer production and realtime apps.

Onsite Consulting & Support

We provide onsite support to study existing pipelines in order to understand your internal process so that we can come back with a more optimised solution.

App Development

We create Apps that can run on multiple platforms that include Mac OS, Windows, iOS & Android. We also take care of deployment to Apple & Google online stores.

3D Modelling & Stitching

We create most of the interior trims for our automotive projects using Maya and our custom stitching tools in order to create an accurate virtual representation.

Content Creation

Our main area of expertise is complex offline & realtime configuration though we also produce high quality imagery and animation.

Paramex digital

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